Here's How It Works

  • After short set up time, water lines draw flowback or produced water from the source
  • Water passes through our EcoRenew™ EC unit where an electric current charges the wastewater
  • Treated water from our EcoRenew EC unit passes through weir tanks where water has time to flock and settle out
  • Water continues to settle in additional holding tanks so by the time it reaches our filter unit only a few suspended solids remain
  • Efficient and low maintenance filters remove remaining suspended solids leaving a very clean brine
  • Our Recycled Water Can be Used for:
    • Reuse in Fracking
    • Building Block to produce ten-pound Brine

Electrocoagulation Defined:

Electrocoagulation neutralizes repulsive ions, thereby allowing contaminants to agglomerate and precipitate. As a secondary reaction, oxidation can take place, causing metals to precipitate. It represents a cost effective technique to clean water to reuse standards.