Operators are navigating many regulatory and water issues as they attempt to uncover this critical solution. With the quantity of water necessary for fracturing, producers are met with a daunting challenge to source enough water to maintain the operation as well as manage the flowback and produced water. Disposal facilities are limited and costly. To further the challenge, truck transportation is now in the environmental spotlight and E&P companies are looking for ways to reduce wear and tear on our roads along with gas emissions.

Water Rescue Services provides the solution to the most pressing water and environmental issues associated with hydraulic fracturing operations. Our advanced technology enables operators to reuse water, be environmentally compliant and reduce costs.

RECLAIM: Save cost by using fresh water and minimizing disposal expenses

  • Proven cost savings over current water management. Recycling price per barrel is competitive with the cost of disposal and fresh water purchase.
  • Elimination of transportation or hauling costs.

REMOVE: Efficiently eliminate impurities and restores water for use in fracturing

  • Ecorenew technology uses coagulation and filtration to kill bacteria, remove heavy metals, and reduce hardness
  • Treatment options from 5k bpd to over 60k bpd
  • Mobile for onsite treatment or fixed facility for centralized treatment making it suitable for any drilling location
  • Tested and refined in Permian, Eagle Ford and Barnett Basins

REUSE: Save cost by using less or no freshwater and minimizing disposal expenses

  • Proven cost savings over current water management. Cleanup price per barrel has been competitive with the fresh water cost and disposal.
  • Eliminates solid disposal waste to landfill
  • Reduction in overall water management costs by recycling

Water Rescue Services provides a service that can be adapted to any environment and footprint, while giving the customer optimal cost benefits to the purchase of freshwater. We also provide pit aeration, management, and biocide on the fly treatments. WRS can customize our system to work with needs of our customers. Our WRS online portal allows customers to monitor daily barrel reports and any other information desired.